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Having a fireplace not only keeps you warm and comfortable on those cold winter nights, it also adds a touch of cozy-ness and ambience to your home. The only thing you need is the right kind of wood and a place to store it properly.

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How much does your firewood cost?

We have two price options for firewood. Delivered free within Whangarei city limits.

  • Hotmix – $140.00 per cubic metre.
  • Gum/Wattle – $150.00 per cubic metre.
  • Pohutukawa / Tea tree / Puriri – 200.00 per cubic metre
  • Kindling: $15 per bag – large onion sacks

What type of wood is best?

We recommend a mix of hardwood and softwood. Hardwoods are deciduous trees such as eucalyptus or gum, oak and Manuka. These trees take longer to dry out, but will also burn longer, leaving your house warm for extended periods of time. They are not suitable for starting a fire and are usually more costly, but once you get them going they will burn for hours producing high and consistent heat.

Softwoods, however, such as pine, fir, spruce and redwood, are evergreens. They dry out fairly quickly but will also burn faster. They are great for starting your fire as logs are easy to split into smaller pieces and they catch fire easier. Though a lot cheaper than hardwoods, this kind of firewood is not recommended to keep your fire burning during the night as you will need twice as much to produce the same heat.

Never burn driftwood, treated or painted wood. They can emit fumes that are poisonous, corrosive and hazardous.

How much firewood do I need?

Firewood is generally sold by cubic metre, sometimes by car or trailer loads. The amount you need highly depends on how many fires per week you have and what kind of wood you use. On average, households in New Zealand tend to use around 10 cubic metres per season based on 4 to 5 fires per week. It’s better to buy more and store leftovers for the following year, as it can be difficult to restock on dry wood in the middle of a very harsh winter.

Where should I store my firewood?

Firewood should be cut in spring or early summer, then stored outside as sun and air movement will help draw out moisture faster. If stored in a shed the wood can take twice as long to properly dry out. If you burn wet or moist logs they will produce a lot of smoke but not much heat.

Freshly cut, wood has a moisture content of 100%. Before burning you need to reduce that to 20% and lower. In order to achieve that, your wood needs to dry out for at least 6 to 9 months before usage.

Therefore it’s best to buy seasoned firewood from the previous year that has no excess moisture left. Before putting it into storage we also recommend cutting and splitting the wood down to the right size for your burner which will also help the drying process. Plus it’s ready to use when the time comes.

How do I know my firewood is dry?

First of all, dry wood should not feel moist or damp anymore. You can also recognize dry wood by its lighter weight and almost bleached colour. The bark should easily peel off and there may be cracks in the grain at the ends. When banging two pieces of wood together they should make a hollow sound rather than a dull thud. And lastly, if you throw a wet piece of wood into the fire it will sizzle and smoke, while dry wood should catch fire within a few minutes.

When should I order my firewood?

Firewood is usually available all year round if you’re purchasing from expert vendors. However, the price tends to go up quite a bit in the colder months due to a higher demand. If you plan ahead and buy in late spring or during summer, you can often save a significant amount of money – as long as the wood has been properly dried for at least 6 months so it burns efficiently.

If you do buy unseasoned firewood you need to make sure you can store it appropriately for at least half a year.

Tree Wise offer seasoned firewood for sale in the Whangarei area and we are able to supply any size commercial or home firewood order. Firewood is cut to approximately 30cm lengths and is split ready for your fire. Please contact us to order your firewood. We will deliver within 5 working days of receiving an order.

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