Tree & Hedge Trimming & Removal

Aborist removing a dangerous tree in WhangareiHedges and trees are a great addition to your property. They can create a visual boundary, provide privacy, shade and protection from the elements and they add an aesthetic touch to your landscape design. However, if left to their own devices they can quickly get out of control or even cause serious damage to surrounding buildings and pose a safety risk to anyone nearby.

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Regular maintenance is also important to ensure your trees and hedges stay healthy and keep fulfilling the purpose they were once planted for. If you need your tree pruned or your hedge cut, Tree Wise service both residential and commercial clients. Tree Wise can professionally cut and shape hedges, conifers and other trees by topping, thinning and trimming them to your requirements. We are also experts in crown reduction, logging and removal and have extensive knowledge when it comes to specialized hedges such as bamboo and palm.

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Crown Reduction, thinning & lifting

If your property is starting to overgrow, you can’t get any sunlight or have lost that beautiful view, then it might be time to cut back those crowns. Tree crown reduction means the ends of all branches are reduced in size while maintaining the natural shape of the tree. It’s a vital part of tree maintenance and helps reduce the risk of disease as well as the danger of branches snapping in severe weather conditions.

Alternatively, we can thin the top by selectively removing internal branches evenly throughout the tree to remove the density of the crown. Crown lifting is another option where only lower branches are removed to make the top of the tree appear higher than before by showing more of the trunk.

In the process we will also check the health of your tree or hedge and perform dead wooding if needed, where dead branches are trimmed or removed. Dead wood can attract pests and disease. It also increases the weight of the plant which makes it more likely to snap in high winds.

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Tree Pruning & Trimming

Usually a crown reduction is just the last resort if trees and hedges cause damage or pose safety hazards. To prevent them from overgrowing or getting out of control you should have them trimmed and pruned on a regular basis. During the process only specific parts or branches are removed which will benefit the entire plant. Pruning and trimming also ensures healthy and even grow which is especially important if hedges and trees are incorporated into the landscape design of your property.

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Tree Removal and Site Clearance

Sometimes there is no other solution than to completely remove trees, shrubs or an entire hedge. Whether they have outlived their purpose, whether their health has declined beyond the point of possible repair or whether they pose a safety risk. One of our qualified staff members will assess the situation on our initial visit and advise you on whether removal is necessary and if or how your trees or hedges can best be replaced.

Our services also include stump removal if necessary as well as cleaning up the site afterwards to ensure that no wastage gets left behind and the area is safe to access. Contact us today for a free quote.

Palm Tree Removal & Trimming

Thanks to New Zealand’s tropical climate palm trees can be found in many backyards and along roads. They add great value to any property, but once they reach the end of their life and start to decay, they quickly become a safety hazard to people and buildings alike. With their expertise and extensive knowledge of tree removal, Tree Wise can help you get on top of the problem before it gets serious.

Felling a palm tree requires special equipment and is not a job we recommend doing yourself. These trees are extremely sturdy and robust which makes their removal more dangerous than other species. We take yours and our well being very seriously and will remove any palm tree for you in a safe and efficient manner, including grinding down the stump if poses an additional hazard.

Palm trees also require regular maintenance if you want them to keep looking healthy and safe. The best time for pruning is in late spring when new growth starts appearing and old leaves are dying off.
If you have a palm tree that’s bothering you, whether it just needs a trim or you want it removed, call our qualified arborists today for a free assessment.

Maintaining & Removing Bamboo

Bamboo is a popular choice for hedges in New Zealand as it grows fast and dense. Some species grow up to 90cm in a day and can reach heights of up to 40 metres, providing excellent shelter and privacy. However, bamboo is also hard to maintain as it can be quite invasive. Running bamboo, for example, can quickly spread more than 100 metres away from the mother plant.

At Tree Wise, we are trained in keeping bamboo under control and can help you remove entire bamboo hedges safely and cost-effective. Our arborists have the necessary know-how to deal with bamboo so it doesn’t grow back where it shouldn’t, saving you a lot of grief, frustration and further expenses in the long run.

Our bamboo trimming and removal services include grinding the roots to prevent any re-shooting. For a non-obligatory quote simply get in touch with us today.

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